In FY-2022–2023, the Punjab Land Record Authority records 2.6 million transactions.

According to a Punjab Land Record Authority official, almost 2.6 million land record transactions were processed during the fiscal year that spanned from July 1, 2022, to March 1, 2023. As a result, Rs. 11 billion in provincial taxes and service expenses were paid into the government’s coffers.

Around 0.18 million persons received computerised Fard in 2023 via the extensive land records network of 232 land record centres, DMM, NADRA, and banks.

Additionally, 0.85 million modifications were confirmed. Arazi record centres have verified about 0.4 million deaths, 0.15 million through e-service centres, and 0.25 million mutations through the registry. Over 7,000 banks and 14,000 mutations were checked using mobile vans.

Additionally, 244 complaints on the PLRA were posted on the website of the Prime Minister between July and March 2023. Excellent monitoring and improved regulation resulted in immediate relief for the public.

The acquisition of Land Record Services is being automated, according to Director General (DG), Saira Umar, to make it simpler for the public to obtain records. Because data is accessible to everyone, residents can purchase services from the location of their choice regardless of where they are.

As part of the effort to integrate the land administration system in accordance with international standards, progress is being made towards the computerization of urban land records. The Punjab Land Record Authority is ensuring the use of cutting-edge hardware and software as a result.

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