IMF Agreement to Be Executed Following Securing of External Financing from Friendly Nations

Although all of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) prerequisites have been satisfied, the bailout is still pending and being postponed because the lender wants Pakistan to first secure external funding from friendly nations.

China has already sent money to Islamabad, according to minister of state for finance and revenue Aisha Ghaus Pasha. Saudi Arabia has stated that talks and cooperation with Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries are presently under way.

This minister stated that the IMF agreement would be inked as soon as friendly nations’ financial guarantees showed up.

Last week, Pasha acknowledged the country’s challenges but noted that the current administration had reinstated the IMF programme. The government has complied with all requests made of it by the lender, who desires no stone unturned.

Relevantly, Pakistan claimed last month to have gotten $3 billion in assurances, with $2 billion coming from Saudi Arabia and $1 billion coming from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In March, Qatar’s finance minister was contacted by Ishaq Dar to request help from his nation in filling the funding deficit.


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