If necessary, Germany will block ChatGPT, claims the head of data protection

Just a few days prior to this statement from Germany, neighbouring Italy decided to temporarily block ChatGPT due to security concerns.
Germany may join Italy as the second western nation to block ChatGPT after the German commissioner for data security stated that the nation will do so if necessary.

Italy, an EU member state that borders Germany, has already blocked ChatGPT temporarily after claiming that it believes the AI chatbot is violating the nation’s private laws. The makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI, followed through with the removal of ChatGPT from the Italian market as a result of the prohibition.

In response to Italy’s ban on ChatGPT, the German data protection chief said, “In principle, such action is also possible in Germany.”

The commissioner for data security also stated that Germany has asked Italy to provide more details regarding the ban and its justifications. Other EU nations, such as France and Ireland, have also gotten in touch with Italian regulators to comprehend and assess the circumstance in addition to Germany.

A spokesperson for Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) said, “We are following up with the Italian regulator to understand the reason for their action and we will coordinate with all EU data protection authorities in relation to this issue.

Open AI released a statement on Friday stating that they are actively working to minimise personal data during the training of AI systems in response to the growing criticism regarding the use of user data to train AI systems.

Italy criticised OpenAI for not having a method to verify that the user of ChatGPT is older than 13 years old, in addition to using user data to train AI systems.

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