IBM plans to use AI to replace over 8,000 jobs

Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM, announced on Monday that the company intends to stop hiring for some positions because artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to displace some 7,800 jobs in the foreseeable future.

The hiring in these areas will either be suspended or decreased, and the back-office tasks like human resources would be most negatively impacted. Krishna predicted that during the next five years, up to 30% of non-customer-facing occupations could be replaced by AI and automation.

Amidst a heightened interest in the technology, IBM has decided to potentially stop hiring for some positions due to the impending impact of artificial intelligence (AI). This interest was sparked by the release of ChatGPT in November 2021, a popular chatbot created by OpenAI with assistance from Microsoft Corp.

According to the firm, IBM may also think about not filling positions left open by departing employees in addition to pausing or reducing specific areas of recruitment.

IBM has not yet responded to Reuters’ request for comment.

If the pattern persists, it is very likely that other significant corporations will also stop hiring as a result of AI development, which might have a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of employment globally.

Although no company has issued an official statement as of yet, it wouldn’t be unexpected to hear similar announcements from some businesses in the near future.

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