There have been multiple twists and turns in the Asia Cup for 2023. India easily beat Sri Lanka to move forward to the final match. Considering their huge defeat against India, Pakistan’s team continues to have an opportunity to qualify for it the final match.

Pakistan faced a tough match with India on Monday, failing by an important 228-run shortage.

Although finding itself in a difficult spot as an outcome of this loss, Pakistan remains in the

Pakistan beat Bangladesh during the Final Four stage through a dominating score just before facing India. In the current phase, Pakistan has simply a single match left, and it’s a significant one over Sri Lanka.

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Following two Super Four contests, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are now equal with two points each.

The match on Thursday against Pakistan and Sri Lanka is successfully a semifinal. The team that wins the match will have a chance to face off against India in the finals.

The surprising aspect is the fact that Sri Lanka will make it to the championships match if Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s match is put off due to rain as they have a superior total run rate. Pakistan possesses an overall run score of -1.892, but Sri Lanka’s is -0.200.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka started preparing for this important come across, and the atmosphere became quite intense. A place for the Asia Cup of Champions 2023 final remains on the line, which means a match that both sides need to win.

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