Today, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) announced with pleasure the fact that there are now an amazing 274,994 certified physicians within its authority. The council’s devotion to the medical profession and advancing the standard of healthcare facilities throughout the nation is made apparent by this major achievement.

In reaction to the concerns of healthcare professionals, students, and other relevant groups, the Pakistan Medical Council has remained persistent. The Licensing Department has made excellent progress in only nine months, involving the approval of 41,004 updates, 13,208 provisional registrations for newly graduated students, and 13,888 total registrations for specialists who completed successfully their house jobs.

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Doctors who planned to work worldwide were also given 9,440 certificates for excellent sitting, which helped them move abroad.

The board has approved 2,806 registrations in a bid to find and assist medical professionals who hold extra post-graduate degrees.

The PMDC’s president, Prof. Dr. Rizwan, highlighted the dedication of the department to serving physicians, students, and various other participants for Pakistan’s overall welfare. He addressed a severe caution against lack of attention and requested all physicians to be sure that the registration certificates were properly maintained.

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