Here Is How Much This Year’s Private Hajj Schemes Will Cost

Private Hajj is now considerably more expensive, ranging from Rs. 1.18 million (11.8 lakh) to Rs. 3.4 million (34 lakh), making it very difficult for the average person to participate.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has given private travel companies Hajj quotas and suggested 12 private Hajj package options. According to the report, 736 tour companies have been given this year’s quota, and 89,605 pilgrims will conduct the Hajj under the private programme.

The minimum price for a private Hajj this year has been set by the government at Rs. 1.18 million, while the price for a VVIP package has increased to Rs. 3.4 million.

According to reports from last month, the expected cost for citizens to sign up for the government’s Hajj plan in 2023 was Rs. 1.165 million (Rs. 11.65 lakh) for pilgrims from southern Pakistan and Rs. 1.17 million (Rs.

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