Hackers Increased Their Use Of Phishing Emails In Pakistan During Eid

Cybercriminals in Pakistan were busy all throughout the Eid vacations. During the Eid holidays, hackers allegedly attempted to steal the data of Pakistani users using phoney emails, according to the National Information Technology Board (NITB).

Hackers continued to operate during the Eid holidays, according to NITB, sending phoney emails, documents, and links to users. To obtain all the essential information, they attempted to steal the data of users in Pakistan.
The new tactics that hackers have employed involve sending enticing and alluring offers to entice consumers to click on the links. Later, the links prompt the user for their username and password; if they comply, their system will be compromised.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, emails with tempting offers as well as bogus emails pertaining to the Eid holidays have been detected. Additionally, users were told to click on the links to learn more about the Eid holidays.

A message with the subject “Eid Holiday Cabinet Division Press.docx” is sent to users. A fake “Cabinet Division” paper was used in the malicious scheme. NITB and Cabinet Division promptly alerted all of its staff about the bogus emails after receiving them. Employees were urged not to open and stay away from such communications.

NITB officials said that over the Eid holidays, hackers attempted to steal data using a variety of methods.


Hackers lure users using phishing emails or texts that contain links. Users were urged to use cautious in these circumstances and refrain from clicking on any unknown links.

Government representatives are urged to get in touch with the appropriate authorities immediately if they require assistance or information regarding the Eid holidays or other official directives.

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