Green Line Bus Driver Reveals Mysterious Cause of Friday’s Accident

The driver of the Green Line Bus involved in a horrific accident on Friday morning stated that the accident was caused by a mystery child who appeared out of nowhere on the track.

He slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the child, causing the bus to slide and crash into the opposite fence. The GL-033 bus came to a halt just before the pillars of the Nagan Chowrangi overpass.

After the crash, the passengers were terrified, and several broke the bus’s passenger window to get out because the doors were stuck. Despite minor injuries among the passengers, the bus was removed from the track in half an hour and normal service was resumed.

The damaged bus will be repaired, according to Abdul Aziz, general manager of operations for Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Ltd, which manages the Green Line, because all of their buses are adequately insured and have enough spare parts to last at least three years.

He also admitted that squatters live beneath the Nagan Chowrangi flyover and that they had written to Karachi’s commissioner about the situation.

Aziz added that a similar incident occurred on the Orange Line track previously, when a grown-up obstructed the bus’s path, causing damage.

He stated that the recent incident is still being investigated, and that the buses are equipped with digital video cameras, which should provide information about the true cause of the accident.

Shahid Taj, the Sir Syed Town police SHO, later confirmed that the accident was caused by a wandering child who got on the bus track, as eyewitnesses also reported.

Despite the fact that several female passengers were injured, the bus driver was also injured when a mob gathered to beat him up.

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