Government shortlists three candidates for the position of Member (Gas) OGRA

For the open position of Member Gas Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the Cabinet division has narrowed the field of applicants to three.

According to sources, the Cabinet division has narrowed the field to three applicants for the open position of Member OGRA: Muhammad Muzammil Awais, Shahzad Iqbal, and Muhammad Arif.

Shahzad Iqbal and Muhammad Muzammil Awais are currently employed as Senior Executive Directors and Joint Executive Directors, respectively. Muhammad Arif, on the other hand, continued to serve on the Gas OGRA after his initial term ended in November of last year.

According to the OGRA ordinance, the federal government will create a regulatory agency that will be known as OGRA.

The Authority will be made up of a Chairman and three other members, among whom one will serve as Member Gas, one as Member Oil, and one as Member Finance. The Authority will act independently.

The Chairman must be a renowned expert with a solid reputation for competence and integrity who has at least twenty years of relevant expertise in the fields of law, business, engineering, finance, accounting, economics, or petroleum technology.

The Member Gas must also possess a relevant degree and be a seasoned, eminent professional with a reputation for integrity and competence who has at least twenty years of relevant experience in the natural gas industry, including its transmission and distribution.

According to additional sources, former member Gas is advocating for his appointment to a new four-year term.

According to sources, the government should verify each candidate’s eligibility while bearing in mind the OGRA Ordinance and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest, since the previous administration nominated persons who had such conflicts.

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