Government Quietly Extends the Delivery Period for All Passports

Long wait times exist for passport applicants to receive this necessary travel document.

Sources claim that the increased quantity of passport applications has caused a more than twofold delay in passport delivery.

According to sources, a considerable increase in the number of passport applications has caused the normal and urgent delivery times for passports to be extended to 7 days and 21 days, respectively. But, the fast-track passport’s delivery period has been shortened to four days.

Also, there has been a delay in the series of text messages sent to applicants’ cell phones regarding various phases of passport processing.

The candidates’ mobile phones’ text message systems automatically created two messages. The first text message talks about how processing on passports is finished once they are collected and received for printing.

The second communication refers to the passport’s printing and the delivery date to the appropriate authority. Applicants have been deprived of information regarding the status of their passport processing due to the delay in messages.

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