Google Search Will Soon Have Smart AI Features

Google will soon unveil its AI online search chatbot, following Microsoft.
Microsoft added AI search to Bing weeks after its OpenAI agreement. Microsoft delivered its Bing chatbot and other AI initiatives faster than Google because of their edge.

Google’s conversational AI bot “Magi” is close following. The Wall Street Journal and stolen Google docs indicate that the business plans to launch an AI search chatbot like Microsoft Bing.

Google will personalise and diversify search results by include short films and social media posts, enabling users find more than just links to any topic.

Google intends to make its AI search chatbot “visual,” “snackable,” and “human,” according to the leaked document.

Google’s “visual,” “snackable,” and “human” chatbot, “Magi,” matches its leaked goal. Google has accelerated “Magi” development to match Bing’s ChatGPT-powered AI bot.

On Wednesday, May 10, Google I/O 2023 will unveil its new AI search features.

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