Google has opened Pakistan’s first-ever App Growth Lab, after the launch of its Gaming Growth Lab there last year.

This four-month programme is specifically made to recognise talented app developers, studios, and organisations that want to grow quickly. The launch exemplifies Google’s commitment to supporting the expansion of Pakistan’s app market.

The programme is separated into thorough teaching and support phases that allow app developers to get advice from Google experts in a variety of sectors, such as Ads, AdMob, Firebase, gTech, and Play, as well as from leading business figures.

Farhan S. Qureshi, Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka at Google, expressed his pride at the opening of the App Growth Lab in Pakistan. According to him, the initiative’s goal is to help local developers who are just starting out expand their product lines to appeal to a wider audience.

The App Growth Lab is based on a few core ideas: researching international app and gaming prospects to create a well-rounded business strategy; and incorporating a user-centered design process into the creation of apps and games using cutting-edge technology to ensure long-term success.

It also emphasises learning how to successfully launch an app, developing revenue strategies, utilising Google’s data tools for quantifiable growth, and learning how to increase an app’s reach through market and platform diversification strategies.

The four-month programme will start in June and go through August. Through this page, interested businesses, app developers, and studios may submit applications through May 22, 2023.

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