Google One subscribers now have access to full-HD video options on Google Meet.

Google Workspace subscribers who pay a fee and Google One subscribers with storage plans of 2 TB or more will have access to the 1080p video option for Google Meet.
In order to make their online meetings appear much more clear and fluid, Google has announced that both paying customers of Google Workspace and Google One subscribers will now have a 1080p video option on Google Meet.

Users must use 1080p or even higher-quality cameras in order to stream a 1080p video, and this feature will only be accessible to these users when they are using Google Meet on the web.

Google says that this feature will only be accessible through corporate accounts, so if you have a 2TB Google One membership but use a personal Google account, you might not be able to take advantage of this feature.

Users who meet the requirements may simply go to their Google Meet settings and change their video quality to 1080p if they wish to test out or use the new 1080p capability. Users will receive a pop-up notification before they enter any meeting from Google asking them to turn on this functionality, which is disabled by default.

This feature is available to Google Workspace users who have subscribed to any paid plan, such as Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, etc.

Video-communication services like Google Meet are launching newer and more useful features as hybrid and work from home culture grows at businesses all over the world.

Recently, Google introduced a new Meet function that allowed users to disable any meeting participant’s video feed.

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