Georgia and the US will become sister states with Sindh.

A resolution creating sister-state ties between Georgia, in the United States, and Sindh, in Pakistan, has been approved by the Georgian legislature. The resolution was introduced by state representative Farooq Mughal, a Democratic Party official of Pakistani descent, with the intention of enhancing cross-border trade and commerce as well as educational, environmental, and cultural relations between the two regions.

In a press release issued by the Pakistani embassy, Masood Khan, the ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, lauded Representative Mughal for his efforts and hailed the resolution as a significant step towards forging close and lasting ties between the two provinces.

The resolution, according to Ambassador Khan, paves the way for constructive collaboration in crucial areas including trade, business, education, the environment, culture, and interpersonal relationships. He added that the resolution on sister-province relations will make it possible for Pakistan and the US to work together in a number of different domains.

Mughal, who is elected to serve the people of District 105, works closely with industry, business, and academia to forge lasting links between the two sides. He plans to extend an invitation to Georgia’s political and business elite to travel to Pakistan and look into prospective opportunities.

With a population of roughly 11 million and a $580 billion GDP, Georgia is the 24th-largest state in the union. In terms of GDP growth over the last five years, it has ranked 14th in the US. On the other hand, Sindh has the second-largest population in Pakistan, a solid industrial base, access to the coast, and a varied economy.

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