Following the online leak of the Sources Code, Twitter takes legal action.

Twitter demands that Github identify the user who leaked its source code after it was discovered there.
Twitter recently disclosed that an unknown user on Github has exposed part of its source code. Since the source code leak led to legal action being taken by Twitter CEO Elon Musk against those responsible, Twitter is now requesting that Github identify and turn over information about the user who leaked the code.

Just a few hours after the source code was uploaded, according to reports, Github removed it. Twitter, however, isn’t content with

Elon Musk, who recently let go more than half of Twitter’s entire personnel, thinks that there is a serious risk that fired or existing Twitter employees will destroy the platform. The left wing, which appears to be angered by Twitter’s decision to unblock the accounts of various left-wing leaders, the biggest of whom just so happens to be former US President Donald Trump, is adding to the list of threat-posers.

Julian Moore, Twitter’s associate general counsel, claimed during the court filing that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act justifies their request to identify the user.

just having its source code removed; it wants Github to disclose information about the user who posted the source code.

Twitter has asked GitHub to “identify the alleged infringement or infringers who posted Twitter’s source code on computers hosted by GitHub without Twitter’s authorization” in a court filing. GitHub is owned by Microsoft.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, who describes himself as a supporter of free speech or even a free speech absolutist, was specifically targeted by the Leaker who posted Twitter’s source code on Github under the username “FreeSpeechEnthusiast.”


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