Following a tuition fee increase, a top school in Dubai will raise teacher salaries.

Private school GEMS in Dubai has declared that it will boost teacher pay in response to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s (KHDA) announcement of an increase in private school tuition in the area.

Dino Varkey, group CEO of GEMS Education, announced that they would begin raising teacher pay for schools using the Indian curriculum in April and for international schools in September of this year.

Private school enrollment in Dubai has increased by 4.5% overall. There are now 216 schools in the city after 22 new ones debuted in the past three years.

Dubai’s Private Schools Are Allowed To Raise Their Tuition
KHDA recently granted permission for private schools in Dubai to raise tuition costs by 3% for the academic year 2023–2024. The choice was made after considering the city’s current economic climate and the operational costs incurred by private schools to maintain a high standard of instruction.

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau’s inspection rating determines how much a school can raise the tuition.

According to the regulations, private schools may raise the tuition by 3% while maintaining the same inspection rating. But schools whose inspection scores plummeted won’t be qualified for a fee hike.

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