Flight Attendant Harassment Allegations against Female PIA Manager

According to reports, a female flight manager from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been charged with harassing an air hostess on a flight from Karachi to Toronto. In email, the flight attendant complained to the management, outlining four key allegations.

For the investigation, a three-person team made up of DGM Security, a female assistant manager, and the responsible SEC Jinnah International Airport was assembled.

After Maimona Feroz, the accused manager, was said to have harassed flight attendant Ufaq Shah, the committee questioned her. The allegations included speaking impolitely and acting unpleasantly on the overseas aircraft.

Feroz threatened to demote her right away and send her to the training facility as punishment, according to the worried air hostess’ email. In front of the passengers and her coworkers, she criticised her uniform and other things.

The email also claimed that although her sister was a flight attendant on the same aircraft, the boss disregarded her sister’s grooming infractions. Regarding the female officer, another attendant had also voiced their displeasure.

In the course of its probe, the committee also questioned the second flight attendant who had expressed concern. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recommended that the female officer not be hired to any key posts for the following five years due to behavioural issues. According to a PIA representative, the enquiry committee will present its findings on March 29 (Wednesday), and legal action would be taken against the accountable party

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