Ferrari is impacted by a cyberattack, including ransom demands.

According to Ferrari, threat actors approached the business and demanded a ransom in return for the preservation of client information.
The Italian automaker Ferrari recently disclosed that it had experienced a cyberattack in which hackers had taken proprietary data from the business. In exchange for the security of client information, hackers are seeking a ransom, but Ferrari has rejected all of the demands made by the threat actors.

The business said in a statement on Monday that it is currently enhancing its security mechanisms in response to the incident. Ferrari further stated that the cyberattack had no impact on business as usual. The corporation stated that there was “no impact on the operational functions of our organisation.”

“They (the hackers) were able to obtain some consumer information, such as names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, but not bank details. Nothing has been published online as of yet, to our knowledge. Speaking to media representatives about the cyberattack, a Ferrari spokeswoman said, “We are monitoring the issue very closely.

Ferrari responded to the ransom requests by saying, “As a policy, Ferrari will not be held to ransom as paying such demands fuels criminal activities and enables threat actors to sustain their attacks.”

Officials from Ferrari told the media that they started an investigation and contacted the police as soon as they started getting demands for an undefined amount of cash.

The business “takes the confidentiality of our clients extremely seriously” and “understands the significance of this occurrence,” Ferrari said in a statement to its customers.

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