Female Bike Thief Caught in Karachi Posing as a Man

A young woman who stole a motorcycle while pretending to be a guy has been detained by Karachi Police.

The department reportedly stated on Thursday that the girl who was caught was involved in stealing motorcycles from various parts of the city, according to a story in the media. It also stated that the defendant “used to steal motorcycles from Karachi and sell them in Balochistan.”

According to SSP Kemari Fida Hussain Januri of Urdu News, the girl was detained by the department as a result of intelligence information. He stated that the young woman had previously pretended to be a man and stolen motorcycles from various locations across the city.


Despite working under the nickname Masha, the perpetrator’s real name is Samreen. She was in possession of a motorcycle that had been taken from the Defense police station.

According to the article, Samreen previously collaborated with a male associate who is currently the target of police investigation. The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) has been given the accused for additional investigation.

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