Federal Board Finally Takes Notice of Question Paper Not Covered by Syllabus

The Islamiyat Compulsory (Part-I) question paper for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) test has drawn objections from candidates, which the Chairman of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has taken note of. A four-person committee has been established to look into the situation as a result.

The Director of Academics FDE, the Director of Research and Academics FBISE, the Director of Registration and Sports FBISE, and a representative of the National Curriculum Council (NCC) make up the committee.

The committee will look at the paper’s questions, how they fit with the syllabus and required readings, and what is covered in the textbooks used in FDE institutions. Within a few days, the committee will turn in its report.

Candidates from educational institutions operating under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) reported that the paper was out of the course and that the majority of the questions were chosen from the previous syllabus. The Islamiyat Compulsory Part-I paper was held on Thursday.

Over 137,000 applicants took the Islamiyat Part-I SSC exam, according to the FBISE, with 112,463 choosing the old syllabus and 24,857 choosing the new syllabus.

The Islamiyat Compulsory paper must be retaken, according to candidates who chose the new syllabus, as the majority of the questions on Thursday’s paper were from the previous one. When asked about their opinions, some of the candidates stated, “We want to retake the paper with the new syllabus, and no lenient marking is acceptable.”

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