Sami Aslam, a Pakistani Test cricketer who left his country after feeling “ignored,” said he was happy with his decision to play cricket in America.

Sami immigrated to the US for better chances, but he is also a cricketer. Other players include international cricketer Hammad Azam and Test cricketer Ehsan Adil.

Sami said in a YouTube vlog that he is currently residing in the Bay Area of San Francisco, one of the priciest residential places in the entire globe. Sami is currently residing in a lavish home in the same neighbourhood as Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and Twitter, as well as other prominent businessmen, as shown and discussed in the vlog.

“Thanks to Allah, I am content with my existence here. I have a home here that I reside in with my family, he said.

“I am having fun playing cricket here. I’ve always wanted to play cricket, and this is a great opportunity. Although I didn’t have many opportunities there, I wanted to play for Pakistan,” he said.

Sami participated in four ODIs and 13 Tests before being cut from the national team. In 2020, he moved to the USA and began his career as a professional cricket player there.

Sami will participate in the inaugural season of the Major League Cricket (MLC) this year as a member of the Texas Super Kings, an IPL (Indian Premier League) franchise.

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