Every time your baby needs a change, these smart diapers will send you a notification.

These intelligent diapers were created by Penn State University researchers and feature inside sensors that can determine when a diaper needs to be changed.
Parents understand the burden of having to check on their children all the time to see whether they need a nappy change, but researchers from Pennsylvania State University have made this easier by creating smart diapers that can tell when your child needs one.

So how does it accomplish that? The built-in sensors in these intelligent diapers can detect and alert you whenever your child performs a bowel movement.

These intelligent diapers have a circuit board outline and are made of paper that has already been pre-treated with sodium chloride (salt). Graphite is used to draw the outline of the circuit board, and the graphite is then fastened to a tiny lithium battery.

According to experts, the goods work as follows: “After the nappy is wet, the graphite combines with the liquid and sodium chloride and, when it’s absorbed by the paper, electrons will flow to the graphite to set off a sensor.”

So what if the nappy isn’t actually ready to be changed? How can the user determine that? To help customers decide when to change their diapers, these smart diapers may also inform them of the moisture content of the current pair.

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