Every home in Islamabad must now have a rainwater harvesting system.

On Monday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) board, led by Chairman Noor ul Amin Mengal, met for the sixth time this year. During the meeting, several policies aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of the federal capital were approved.

One of the authorised rules mandates the building of a rainwater harvesting tank and a small well for recharging groundwater in each home, and it relates to rainwater collection in homes.

The CDA has further stated that the aforementioned facilities must be present for any building blueprint to be approved.

The CDA also passed a rule allowing for the 33-year leasing of lands to private schools.

According to the proposal, sites would be rented out to private schools based on a formula worth 100 marks, with 20% of the marks going to schools that operate out of residences and 25% of the marks going to schools that charge between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 15,000 in tuition.

The policy will require schools to limit fee increases to no more than 5% each year, and the financial model for the programme will be formalised at a later time.

The Estate Wing inventory of all authorised housing societies was to formerly include plots for community centres, medical facilities, and schools.

Also, the Sanitation Directorate and the Environment Wing now have the power to penalise offenders with fines and other sanctions.

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