Engro Fertiliser Closes Base Plant

On Monday, May 8, Engro Fertilisers Limited (PSX: EFERT) declared “unscheduled maintenance” of its base facility.

In a securities filing, the business claimed its base plant was shut down last night for unscheduled maintenance. “The Company has commenced necessary maintenance activities and the duration will be based on the extent of the repairs,” it said.

EFERT will update the bourse and stakeholders.

EFERT dominates Pakistan’s fertiliser business and affects agriculture. Fertiliser supply and agriculture have been affected by Saturday’s unexpected base plant stoppage.

The factory stoppage may affect domestic fertiliser offtake as farmers seek to recover from last year’s severe floods.

On Tuesday, EFERT’s bourse scrip was Rs. 85.95, down 1.21 percent or Rs. 1.05 with 285,657 shares traded.

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