Enable This Setting to Allow 5G On Your Phone [Guide]

Although 5G is not yet available in Pakistan, the PTA has issued guidelines on how to prepare your phone for the next-generation mobile network. This means that 5G will most likely be available later this year.

However, only smartphones that support 5G will be able to connect to it.

Does Your Phone Support 5G?

The word “5G” appears in the names of the majority of Android phones that support it. Apple phones, it is supported by all iPhones 12 and up.

If you’re not sure whether your phone supports 5G, simply go to gsm arena and search for your model. Check the top row, labeled “Networks,” to see if it supports 5G.


If your phone has 5G, you must enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the most recent generation of Internet Protocol, for improved connection quality, faster internet speed, and a variety of other benefits.

This is because, according to PTA guidelines, 5G and IoT services will be deployed over IPv6 connections.


How to Enable IPv6

It is simple to enable IPv6 on Android smartphones. Simply go to your phone’s settings and tap ‘Connections’ for Samsung handsets. Navigate to Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Ufone (or other networks). Select ‘IPv4/IPv6’ from the ‘APN protocol’ drop-down menu.



Other OEMs, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Infinix, and others, may require you to locate mobile network settings or SIM settings, but the general procedure is the same. For dual SIM phones, select the SIM card that will be used for mobile internet and follow the steps outlined above.

Once you’re done enabling IPv6, your phone is ready to use 5G in the future.

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