Employees at Malir District Prison Harass Women Visitors

A victim has reported that the staff at Malir District Prison harasses women who go there to interact with inmates.

In a letter to senior officials, the woman, whose son has been detained for a year and a half, accused Mohammad Zubair Sahito of harassing her. She claimed that Sahito constantly bothered her when she went to see her son.

Sahito was accused of making unreasonable demands of the woman’s daughters in the complaint as well.

In response, Sahito is employed by the office of Assistant Prison Superintendent Nabi Dad Zardari, according to Kamran Sheikh, Deputy Superintendent of Malir District Jail. According to reports, Sahito is Hassan Sahito’s cousin and the superintendent of Karachi Central Prison.

The Home Department has been informed of the victim’s allegation, and an investigation will be done.

The safety of women visiting prisons has come under scrutiny in light of this harassment story. What will happen to the accused employee and whether steps will be taken to stop such occurrences from happening again are still up in the air.


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