Emirates will soon introduce the first robotic airport check-in system in the world.

The check-in robot, Sara, will help visitors from all over the world and speak at least six different languages.
Emirates Airlines has revealed that the world’s first robotic check-in system will go live at the Dubai Airport this year. The Emirates check-in robot, known as “Sara,” will help visitors from all around the world and speak at least six different languages.

The check-in robot will be able to help travellers in a variety of ways, an Emirates official said. Now, this covers everything from check-in for passengers to hotel reservations, etc.

The Emirates spokeswoman explained that the business decided to develop “Sara” after realising that although traveller needs are constantly expanding, airports have not changed. Emirates has now risen to service clients using effective technology as a result.

The check-in robot was developed by Emirates in partnership with its partners, who will create about 200 of them and install them at all Dubai airports over the course of the following year.

When an airline releases such cutting-edge technology, other airlines will follow suit and roll out more effective systems as competition heats up. In this way, it’s likely that global travel will undergo a revolution.

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