Dubai is one of the world’s top 10 business-friendly cities.

According to a recent survey by the German-based relocation company Movinga, Dubai is among the top 10 locations in the globe for entrepreneurs wishing to start an import or export business.

Each city’s business environment, supply chain, and market accessibility for restaurants, tech startups, or import/export companies were examined in the study.

Shanghai won the top spot, followed by Amsterdam in second place, and Dubai in third. The ranking will assist business owners in choosing cities that are appropriate for their operations.

Dubai has been a popular destination for enterprises and industries thanks to its alluring qualities, including its location, tax benefits, and business-friendly policies.

The city is ideally situated for international trade and commerce because to its infrastructure and logistics, which include seaports and airports.

Dubai has taken steps in recent years to reduce “red tapism,” or bureaucratic obstacles, and streamline government services in an effort to further streamline the business process. The city has also fared quite well in the most recent World Bank assessment as a result of these initiatives.

Dubai’s ranking in the World Bank study is based on a number of variables, including the ease of starting a business, obtaining building licences, registering real estate, obtaining credit, safeguarding investors, paying taxes, and international trade.

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