Dubai Announces a Metaverse Training Programme for Customs Officers

This metaverse training’s overarching objective is to use technology to digitise custom operations and boost income.
The metaverse will be included in Dubai Customs’ leadership training programmes, and after that, customs officers will undergo specialised training for conducting business in the metaverse.

The main objective of this metaverse training programme, which is being overseen by Director-General (DG) of Dubai Customs Ahmad Mahboob Musabih, is to digitise custom operations and generate income by utilising effective and budget-friendly technologies.

This new metaverse training programme is simply another initiative supporting Emirate’s ambition to dominate the technology industry.

Digitising customs operations can be challenging since custom officers may need to undergo extensive training before they can eventually conduct their duties online. However, the program’s organisers are committed to giving customs officials a thorough understanding of the Metaverse and are betting on the metaverse’s ability to enhance operations.

Due to the potential benefits and risks of integrating metaverse into the customs industry, Dubai Customs emphasised the significance of employing this new technology appropriately.

Dubai Customs claims that the ‘Dubai Metaverse Strategy’ developed by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, fully complements this training programme for custom officers.

Information on the leadership development programme reveals that it was developed in conjunction with the University of Dubai and has over three courses, including Agile Leadership, Innovative Customs Management, and Digitization of Customs Operations.

The Dubai Customs strategic plan for 2021–26 includes a leadership development programme that has already taught more than 137 custom employees.


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