Despite a drop in Sportage sales, Kia’s sales are up.

Kia’s progress has recently slowed due to economic concerns and operational challenges in Pakistan. In the same discussion, the company was named with Pakistan’s largest carmakers in terms of market share up to mid-2022. However, it is presently only selling a few hundred automobiles per year.

According to a recent article from, the company sold 747 locally produced cars in March, representing a 7% month over month (MoM) rise in sales. This figure is broken down as follows:

Models Sales Month on Month Increase/Decrease
Picanto 219 34%
Stonic 132 149%
Sportage 356 -14%
Sorento 40 -44%


Picanto and Stonic sales increased in March, while Kia’s best-seller, Sportage, witnessed a decrease. Despite this, the Sportage is by far Kia’s best-selling vehicle. Whereas, as expected, the Sorento remained the company’s worst-selling vehicle, with a significant drop in sales.

According to reports, the corporation also maintains consistent single-shift manufacturing. However, sales are far from perfect. Time will tell if Kia can recapture its lost impetus once the economy recovers.

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