Dedicated trains are being launched by Pakistan Railways for Tableeghi Ijtema.

The Pakistan Railways arranged special accommodations for the guests at the Raiwind Train station on the last day of the Tableeghi Ijtema.

Pakistan Railways (PR) sources claim that the department administration sent out special workers to deal with large crowds. It gave the order for numerous trains with extra carriages to halt at the station. In order to accommodate the congregation’s attendees, PR will also run special trains.

Also, PR organised reception, medical, and camps with access to clean drinking water. Special seating arrangements as well as full-time security and guide staff have been established.

Ticket Price Increase
PR plans to increase platform ticket costs by 100% in an effort to fix its financial woes. Platform tickets previously cost Rs. 10, but they now cost Rs. 20.

Due to the recent nationwide increase in gasoline costs, the department has recently raised the price of railway tickets. Also, it increased fares by 8% across all classes and trains.

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