Declared as a Data Repository for Customs’ AML/CFT Cases is the New FBR Currency Wing

The newly established Directorate of Cross Border Currency Movement (CBCM) has been instructed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to maintain all data on Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Financing Terrorism (CFT) related cases pertaining to Pakistan Customs.

In accordance with a Wednesday notification, the FBR has released a record-keeping and reporting framework for the customs department.

According to the notification, whether such cases are started based on reports from the Financial Monitoring Unit (EMU) or of the Collectorates / Directorates of Pakistan Customs, the Directorate of CBCM shall be the overall data repository of all AML/CFT-related cases pertaining to Pakistan Customs, including cases referred to the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).
The Chief, Facilitation & Compliance (F&C), FBR, and the Chief, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Cell, FBR, must receive monthly reports from all Collectorates and Directorates of Pakistan Customs that include an updated list of all instances of underlying crimes. All Collectorates and Directorates are required to report the number of money laundering (ML) cases, including those reported to CTD or other agencies, to the Directorate of CBCM on a monthly basis.

All incoming and outgoing MLA requests must be documented in the format required by the International Customs (IC) Department of the Customs Wing, FBR.

All Collectorates/Directorates must be required to respond to MLA requests from the International Customs (IC) Section of FBR within any applicable deadlines and shall maintain an up-to-date log of all incoming and outgoing MLA requests relevant to their respective jurisdiction.

The Border Stations, Sea Ports, Dry Ports, Airports, and Other Field Units have also been granted duties by the FBR. According to CGO 04/2019, dated May 6, 2019, they will be required to maintain and update data on products seized under the Customs Act of 1969 and other underlying violations stated in Schedule-I of the AMLA, 2010.

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