Data From an Islamabad Public University Is Leaked by the Hacker Gang Medusa

Data from the publicly funded university was compromised by the same hackers who earlier this month hacked the Institute of Space Technologies and sought a $500,000 ransom.
The Institute of Space Technology, which is located in Islamabad, was recently the target of the hacking group Medusa, which obtained the university’s data and demanded a $500,000 ransom in exchange for it. The data included passports, paystubs, analysis information, and other sensitive university data.

After several days of pressuring the institution to pay the ransom, it has been revealed that Medusa has finally released all of the university data on a public Telegram channel.

Regarding the hacking and data ransoms, the Institute of Space Technology has remained silent throughout the entire situation. There are currently problems with the university’s website as well.

Soon after disclosing the information over a telegram channel, Medusa updated their blog and announced that the information it had stolen from the Institute of Space Technology had now been made public. Many sources claim that the stolen material has been uploaded as little, 3.89 GB files that can be downloaded.

It’s still unknown if Medusa has given up all the material it obtained from the institution or if it’s still keeping some of it back in anticipation of being paid a ransom.

The university has not spoken to Medusa or the media about the breach and has failed to issue a statement or reply to any inquiries.

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