Criticism of Islamabad Police Over Deadly Bhara Kahu Incident

The recent Bhara Kahu event has drawn harsh public criticism of the capital city authority. A trustworthy source confirms that the most recent report attributes the collapse to the traffic police’s decision to permit heavy vehicles to pass beneath the partially completed bridge.

Because of the Bhara Kahu project, Murree Road initially had to be blocked to heavy traffic. The government had provided a different route for heavy traffic with the assistance of the traffic police. Despite this, the traffic police did not intervene, allowing trucks and buses carrying passengers to pass past undisturbed.

More than thirty fully loaded, lengthy cars apparently passed beneath the partially completed bridge on the night of the catastrophe. Two bridges that were still being built were undermined by the passage of the heavily loaded long vehicles.

Also, the administration has not yet disclosed what would be done with truck drivers that used an illegal route. A committee meeting has been scheduled by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad to assess the situation and determine the best course of action to take against all responsible parties.

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