Cough Syrup Made by Islamabad-Based Davis Pharma Is Declared Unsafe for Usage

Once the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) closed down a local pharmaceutical company’s syrup production division, things got heated.

The change occurred as a result of the Gambia’s Medicines Control Agency (MCA) reporting that dangerous substances had been found in a cough syrup made by the company.

Exported cough medication in issue had dangerously high quantities of either ethylene glycol (EG) or diethylene glycol (DEG) (EG). These harmful substances can instantly kill you by causing renal failure.

In response to the MCA Gambia report, DRAP officials moved quickly, issuing a recall alert and directing all drug inspectors and officials to confiscate all suspect items made by Davis Pharmaceutical Labs in the nation. The company is situated in Islamabad.

Luckily, no items from the company have been discovered in local pharmacies. The 2021 batch of cough syrup that contained the dangerous ingredients was produced only for export and not for domestic consumption.

The company has sent samples of its syrup for chemical examination to the Drug Testing facility of Lab (DTL) of DRAP.

Additionally, DRAP has been instructed to take strict action against the firm, including revoking its production licence and detaining its owners if it is determined that they were complicit in criminal negligence.

This tragedy follows news of hundreds of kids passing away in Gambia and Indonesia over the previous six to eight months as a result of ingesting Indian syrup that included components associated to acute kidney damage (AKI). It serves as a clear warning that the pharmaceutical sector needs to be vigilant and implement strict quality control procedures.

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