China Reports First Human Case of H5N1 Bird Flu as WHO Worries About Second Epidemic

After a woman’s H5N1 viral test, a new strain of human bird flu has been discovered in China.

The 53-year-old woman from Jiangsu province is thought to have developed symptoms on January 31 as a result of exposure to sick chickens.

She tested positive for the virus in February, but it’s unclear how she’s doing now.

One week before to this, a father and daughter in Cambodia contracted the same strain of avian flu.

The daughter, who was 11 years old, tragically became the country’s first bird flu fatality since 2014. A few days later, her father, who is 49, tested positive, but he has not developed a major illness.

Given the recent outbreaks, the World Health Organization (WHO) is increasingly worried about the spread of avian flu. Epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention director Dr. Sylvie Briand revealed last week that the UN organisation is collaborating with Cambodian authorities to address the outbreak.

She said that the rising reports of infections in animals, including humans, and the virus’s pervasiveness in birds around the world are concerning. WHO has therefore encouraged all nations to continue to be on the lookout for the virus.

Moreover, Argentina has stopped exporting avian products after reporting its first case of bird flu in commercial poultry.

According to Secretary Juan Jose Bahillo’s tweet, poultry products are still safe for Argentineans even though exports have been suspended due to international rules.

There are worries about the possible spread of the illness and how it would affect the nation’s exports after a case was found in the province of Rio Negro.

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