Changan continues to produce on a single shift despite import restrictions.

In the past two years, Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has become increasingly well-known in Pakistan. The firm has established itself as a major player in Pakistan thanks to vehicles like the Alsvin, Karvaan, and Oshan X7.

This is due to Changan’s consistent single-shift output without observing any non-production days (NPDs) like its competitors, claims the consistently trustworthy

The business celebrated earlier this year having sold more than 40,000 cars in Pakistan during the previous two years. According to an official document made accessible to ProPakistani, Changan is currently the largest automaker by volume of sales, surpassing Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki.

According to specifics, the Karvaan minivan and Alsvin saloon are primarily responsible for Changan’s sales growth. The following table details the document’s total market share breakdown:

Changan Karvaan holds a 42% market share for small vans.
18% Changan Alsvin Segment share for B sedans
Changan Oshan X7: 15% of the C-SUV Segment
7% Changan M9 Sherpa Share of small pickup segments

The carmaker has hinted at some exciting prospects for the Pakistani auto market in the near future, despite 2023 being a challenging year for the automotive sector.

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