CDA Allows Canceled Property Owners to Have Personal Hearings

Capital Development Authority (CDA) provided owners of cancelled properties with personal trials for the first time. There was an opportunity for 100 interested parties to report to CDA Chairman Captain Noor ul Amin Mengal. The law division of CDA was present at these meetings as well.

During the proceedings, Chairman Mengal expressed his dissatisfaction with the unresolved matter of Park Enclave Phase III allottees. He gave the Estate Wing instructions and told them to comply with the rules by finding a solution to the issue within a month.

The chairman also emphasised that all complaints regarding allocations must be resolved in accordance with the rules and laws. He gave CDA the mandate to act as a catalyst for promoting commercial and economic activity.

Engal also informed authorities, and under his guidance, the procedure was to be finished within a month while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. He also added that the chairman’s office would supervise the approval of the map.

The chairman concluded by saying that each month’s first week will feature private proceedings for owners of homes that have been cancelled. This choice signals a shift towards a more transparent, accountable system that gives residents’ opinions and worries top priority.

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