Caretakers Jack up Petroleum Prices Again, Petrol Hits Rs. 331.38 Per Liter

It seems like the caretaker government has implemented its third increase in the prices of petroleum products within a month of assuming power. Here are the details of the latest price hikes:


1. The price of petrol has been raised by Rs. 26.02 per liter, bringing it to a new price of Rs. 331.38 per liter.

2. The price of high-speed diesel has also seen an increase of Rs. 17.34 per liter, now costing Rs. 329.18 per liter.

These price hikes can have significant implications for consumers and the economy, as they can lead to higher transportation and living costs for the general population. It’s important to stay updated on such developments and their potential impacts on your daily life and finances.

The Finance Division has attributed the recent upward revisions in petroleum product prices to the increasing trend of petroleum prices in the international market. Since August 15, there have been substantial increases:


– The price of petrol has risen by Rs. 58.43 per liter.
– The price of high-speed diesel has increased by Rs. 55.84 per liter.

The most recent adjustment, as of today, raised the price of petrol to Rs. 331.38 per liter and high-speed diesel to Rs. 329.18 per liter. This comes after the last fortnightly review on August 31, which saw petrol prices increase by Rs. 14.91 per liter and high-speed diesel prices rise by Rs. 18.44 per liter. On August 15, there was an initial increase of Rs. 17.50 per liter for petrol and Rs. 20 per liter for high-speed diesel. These price fluctuations reflect the volatility of global petroleum markets and their impact on domestic prices.

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