Canva Launches Generative AI Tools: AI Presentations, Text to Image, and More

Only a few days have passed since Adobe debuted its own AI tools across various creative platforms.
Even smaller tech startups are grabbing a piece of the pie as big tech companies like Google and Microsoft compete for market dominance in the AI sector. New AI tools from visual design platform Canva have recently been made available and will help users with both photo and video editing.

Just one day after Adobe, Canva’s main rival, unveiled its own AI features across several creative platforms, Canva announced the same.

These new AI capabilities from Canva are intended to further simplify and improve the design and video editing processes. They will benefit both brands and independent creators.

The majority of these new AI tools, according to Canva, are meant to help users with social media graphics, presentations, and advertising materials, which is a huge benefit for those with no experience in design.

Canva thinks the introduction of these new AI capabilities will enable creatives and graphic designers to focus their time on other, more crucial activities.

Canva has long been a formidable competitor of Adobe, so these new AI technologies from Canva could prove to be a formidable obstacle.

When you explore the Canva visual worksuite, you’ll notice that the firm has included a number of new tools, each of which begins with the word “Magic,” as in Magic Replace Tool, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Draw, etc.

The magic design function will assist users by choosing the best design for them; all users must do is choose a particular template, and the magic design will take care of the rest.

Another incredible feature is the magic presentation generator, which just requires customers to briefly explain the style of presentation they want, and Canva will take care of the rest.

The Magic Write function, which was added to Canva Docs, does not help users produce speeches or blog posts, among other types of writing. The availability of the Magic write capability in 18 different languages makes it unique.

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