By 100% more scholarships are now available to Pakistani students thanks to the British Council.

The Scottish-Pakistani Scholarship Initiative will award twice as many scholarships, according to the British Council.

Neil Gray, the international development minister for the Scottish government, has pledged to treble the number of scholarships for young women and girls available through the British Council.

The extra £500,000 will, according to the council, treble the amount of scholarships available to women and girls in communities impacted by floods, enabling them to continue their education with minimum disruption.

According to Gray, women and girls are typically disproportionately impacted during times of crises. By enabling more women and girls to pursue their education, he anticipates that doubling the number of scholarships will aid in the long-term economic prosperity of the nation.

Since the program’s launch in 2013, according to Amir Ramzan, Country Director of the British Council Pakistan, it has allowed gifted women and girls from disadvantaged homes to finish their studies in disciplines crucial to the development of the nation.

The enhanced scholarship funding will further the empowerment of women and girls affected by the floods and assist them in realising their full potential.

The Scotland-Pakistan Scholarship Initiative has helped almost 1,400 young women enrol in colleges in Pakistan since it was founded. Also, the program’s school stream has benefited almost 15,000 pupils.

A £400,000 annual scholarship programme for Pakistani women and girls is now funded by the Scottish Government and run by the British Council Pakistan. The additional £500,000 will be distributed equally between university scholarships (£300,000) and school scholarships (£200,000).


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