Bus fares in Lahore have increased by around 250%

The Punjab Transport Department has drafted a plan to boost the pricing of non-AC buses by more than 250% due to the growing costs of diesel and petrol. The revised prices for intra- and inter-city non-AC bus services in Lahore will go into effect on April 25, according to a media source.

According to the story, which cites an official document, bus prices will rise by 267% for those travelling within the city and by 265% for those travelling between cities. The price for a four-kilometer trip is currently Rs. 14. After an increase of Rs. 33, this fee will rise to Rs. 47.
The lower socioeconomic class individuals who rely on these buses as their main mode of transportation would experience difficulties as a result of this substantial increase. Due to the high cost of fuel, people are gradually switching from private transportation, such as cars and motorcycles, to public transportation.

People may have little choice but to cycle or walk to their destinations as a result of the sharp increase in fuel prices.

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