Best friend kills young cricketer over insignificant matter

A well-known cricketer was fatally stabbed by his best buddy in the Nem Kallay neighbourhood of Puran tehsil, Shangla, KP, amid a quarrel about the squad roster for a competition.

Maaz Ali, a 22-year-old resident of the neighbourhood, was fatally stabbed in the chest by his friend Habibullah.

Usman Munir, the SHO of the Aloch Puran Police Station, claims that Maaz, a well-known cricketer in the region who usually hung out with the suspect, was involved in the crime.

The fight started when the two got into a dispute about how the team should be formed, which led to Habibullah stabbing Maaz.

Maaz was taken to Pir Mohammad Shaheed hospital right after, however he was unable to recover from the wounds he received in the incident. The murderer was taken into custody after the police filed a FIR.

The deceased’s teacher, Fazal Subhan Afghani, addressed to the media and shared his sorrow at losing a bright student. Maaz was well-liked in the neighbourhood and was well-known for his distinctive bowling style; his passing caused the town to fall deeply into sadness.

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