Below are the Pakistan Railways trains’ summer schedules.

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, Pakistan Railways (PR) recently adjusted the train timetables. The new schedules took effect on April 15. Six express trains’ schedules have reportedly been altered by PR to accommodate passengers.

Instead of leaving Karachi City station at 7:00 am as originally scheduled, Hazara Express will now depart at 7:35 am.

The passenger train between Karachi and Lahore will now depart at 5:00 pm instead of 4:30 pm, and the Pakistan Express will now leave Karachi Cantt station at 1:30 pm rather than 2:00 pm.

Moreover, Tezgam Express will depart from Karachi Cantt station at 6:00 pm instead of 5:30 pm, and Millat Express will depart at 5:00 pm instead of 5:30 pm. Last but not least, the Allama Iqbal Express will now leave Karachi Cantt station at 6:30 pm rather than 3:30 pm. According to a PR representative, all other trains will continue to run according to their previously published schedules.

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