Before Ramadan, the Karachi Commissioner sets grocery prices

The Commissioner’s Office in Karachi has taken attempts to regulate grocery expenses in anticipation of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Memon met with representatives from the traders’ association, the police, the bureau of supplies, and the deputy commissioners to talk pricing.

The discussion was followed by the issuance of a pricing list, which all proprietors and managers were required to put on their properties.


The Commissioner made it clear that there would be repercussions for those who fail to display the price list or charge outrageous prices for items from supermarkets. Also, bachat bazaars, or discount markets, have been announced in each of the seven districts, where food will be sold for less money.


With the assistance of supply authorities and the police, the deputy commissioners are mandated to enforce the established rates in their respective jurisdictions. To ensure fairness and affordability for everybody, the Commissioner has indicated that the government rates for food products will be strictly enforced throughout Ramadan.

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