Because of the tax increase, Changan has raised car prices.

The prices of cars sold by Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) have raised by as much as Rs. 100,000. The business has also claimed the tax rate increase as the cause of the price increase, similar to its rivals.

Effective immediately, the new prices are as follows:

Models Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Alsvin 1.3 Comfort Manual 3,899,000 3,929,000 30,000
Alsvin 1.5 Comfort DCT 4,199,000 4,239,000 40,000
Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere DCT 4,499,000 4,599,000 100,000
Oshan X7 Comfort 7,999,000 8,069,000 70,000
Oshan X7 FutureSense 8,599,000 8,679,000 80,000
Karvaan 2,749,000 2,779,000 30,000
Karvaan Plus 2,899,000 2,929,000 30,000

Yet, it should be noted that Changan’s products are among the best in their class in terms of value for money.

Changan celebrated the sale of over 40,000 units over the previous two years in January. Other than Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki, the business asserted that it was now the largest automaker by volume.

Details indicate that MCML’s sales are mostly fueled by the popularity of the Karvaan minivan and Alsvin sedan. The following table details the document’s complete market share breakdown:

Changan Karvaan holds a 42% market share for small vans.
18% Changan Alsvin Segment share for B sedans
Changan Oshan X7: 15% of the C-SUV Segment
7% Changan M9 Sherpa Share of small pickup segments
Although Changan’s development is encouraging, the recent drop in industry production and sales could hinder further expansion.

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