Balochistan will begin operating green buses in three months.

In three months, the Balochistan government will begin operating the green bus service in Quetta.

The Balochistan Chief Minister, Mir Abdul Qudous Bizenjo, reportedly gave the Chief Secretary three months to secure the inauguration of the green bus service. The service will offer Quetta’s residents a respectable means of transportation.

To improve transit options in Quetta, the government had plans to buy 100 buses while previous Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan was in office. In the initial phase, the transport department purchased 8 buses to run on the Baleli and Saryab routes.

Nonetheless, the vote of no confidence resulted in the end of Khan’s term. The eight green buses were parked in a warehouse when the service was terminated. The current provincial government accused the outgoing one of producing a subpar feasibility study for the service.

The report further stated, citing official sources, that the building of Quetta’s Saryab Road will be finished by May, at which point green buses will run on the Bileli and Saryab routes.

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