At the Pindi Station, a police officer’s bravery prevents a passenger from being run over by a train.

At Rawalpindi Railway Station yesterday, a watchful railway police officer saved the life of a passenger.

When the passenger got off the Rehman Baba Express, the incident happened. The person can be seen tripping and falling on the platform in the CCTV footage.

However, a serious accident was averted because of the head constable Laalroz Khan’s prompt efforts, which saved the man from being crushed under a moving train.


People have been complimenting the cop for his swift response and bravery as the story has gained widespread attention on social media. The officer, who was attentive and focused on safeguarding the safety of the passengers, intervened just in time, which was lucky for the passenger.

In the area, railway accidents are not unusual, but this incident serves as a reminder of the value of readiness and prompt response. In order to ensure public safety, the authorities have increased their activity and vigilance since this incident.

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