Assault by the hacking group Medusa on an Islamabad public university leaves staff and students’ personal information up for ransom

After their assault on the Institute of Space Technology (IST), hackers are now demanding a $500,000 ransom.
The Institute of Space Technology (IST), which is based in Islamabad, purportedly came under attack from the hacker collective Medusa. Details of the event show that hackers used ransomware to attack the Institute of Space Technology (IST) and steal a significant amount of personal information from both teachers and students.

The hackers presently control the stolen personal information and are requesting a $500,000 ransom.

The Medusa hackers posted images of the material that they had stolen as soon as they had obtained it. The images featured private documents including passports, paystubs, analysis information, etc. The hackers posted a note with the visual evidence warning that unless the university paid a $500,000 encryption key to recover the material, it would be made available on the dark web.

The statement further stated that the institution may purchase an extra day to complete the ransom payment for a fee of $10,000.

Medusa offered the Institute of Space Technology nine days to come up with the ransom when she announced the attack. Two of those seven days have already elapsed, but the institution has not yet released a statement or decided how to proceed.

This ransomware assault on a typical public university shows how widespread they have gotten. All institutions should learn from incidents like this to take cybersecurity seriously and implement effective security measures.

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